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What eyebrow shape is suitable for square face? What are the matching skills of eyebrow shape and fa

What eyebrow shape is suitable for square face? What are the matching skills of eyebrow shape and face shape? Eyebrow shape can modify face shape. A good eyebrow shape can add beauty to a woman. Select 4 kinds of face shapes to demonstrate the appropriate eyebrow shape for each face shape. You can easily take your seat and see your face shape and which eyebrow shape match best.

Square face -- raising eyebrows

If you want to decorate your face, try raising your eyebrows. Raised eyebrow belongs to the high eyebrow type which emphasizes radian, just conceals the slightly serious angle on the face, and makes the face round like magic.

When thrushing, it's better to keep a little distance between the two eyebrows. If the distance between the two eyebrows is too close, the facial features will appear too concentrated, and the square face will become larger and more square.

Production method: eyebrow tail has a natural radian on the eyebrow, style and very fashionable, the secret of thrush is: from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail, we must slowly reduce the line, and slightly up along the eyebrow. The most important part of the eyebrow peak is to outline the radian of the eyebrow peak with the eyebrow pen, so as to make the eyebrow curve more three-dimensional.

Round face -- tall eyebrow

The arched high eyebrow is most suitable for girls with round face. Its high radian just pulls out a proper distance from the round face, making the facial features less concentrated and lengthening the face.

Production method: in addition to Zheng Xiuwen and Xiao Yaxuan, this kind of high eyebrow emphasizes high radian, which is also the representative eyebrow of many supermodels. Girls with high eyebrow shape are perfect as long as they follow their original eyebrow shape. If you don't have a natural curved eyebrow, you can completely remove the second half of the eyebrow. Depending on manual skills, you can also draw a fashionable eyebrow that makes you proud.

Long face for what eyebrow long face for eyebrow how to draw

Long face shape -- straight eyebrow

If you want to give people a forthright impression, the word eyebrow is the best choice, tall eyebrow don't try. Two straight lines across the face, as if to divide the face into two parts, but make the face look not so long, cheeks also decorated a little more mellow. Another kind of high eyebrow, which emphasizes the peak of eyebrow and high radian, is fashionable, but it will make the long face look longer.

Production method: girls with flat eyebrow shape and no radian, or the height of eyebrow peak is not enough, they can draw a word eyebrow along their own eyebrow shape without major modification.

Inverted triangle -- natural eyebrow

If you like others to think you are gentle and kind, you can bend your eyebrows a little. And the eyebrow is too serious, natural eyebrow is very kind. The inverted triangle face with sharp chin is the luckiest of all the problem faces, because there are more eyebrows to choose from. However, because the inverted triangle face lines are more straight, so the raised eyebrow type will make the facial lines feel too firm, giving people the feeling that it is not easy to get close. The natural eyebrow shape with slight curvature can ease the lines of the face and make the face look soft.

Production method: natural eyebrow, the whole eyebrow from eyebrow to eyebrow tail, showing a gentle natural arc. Because the eyebrow shape has no protruding eyebrow peak or rising eyebrow tail, the eyebrow shape can be drawn naturally and easily as long as the shape of eyebrow growth is depicted.

What eyebrow shape is suitable for square face? What are the matching skills of eyebrow shape and face shape? More make-up skills for women's make-up on teach you how to draw your own eyebrow shape!