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What are Xiao Qiang's hairstyles? How do stars create hairstyles?

What are Xiao Qiang's age reducing hairstyles? How do stars create age reducing hairstyles? Young girls in the past have become "half old Xu Niang" now, but Xiao Qiang can create age reducing hairstyles to keep her youth forever. Which age reducing hairstyles of stars can make her look young?

Simple long hair

Being young is really a good thing. The hair is dark and bright, tough and elastic. Even if you simply roll it to the back of your forehead, it will be enough to topple all living beings.

Pure head

Xiao Qiang's pure son may have surprised many people for a time, and she pouts! It's OK to keep young, but it's a little out of time if she appears in a tender manner.

Big wave of maturity

Young is the capital, all kinds of postures can be deduced! Even if it burns the big wave called mature fan, it's also breathtaking.

The hairstyle of Cleopatra

The hairstyle of Yanhou is not suitable for middle-aged women. In fact, at this age, we should give priority to simple and generous hairstyles. We can have simple and refreshing short hair and mature and elegant big waves, but we should no longer tuck ourselves in like a little girl, because the age of maintaining a sense of mystery has passed.

Curl up your hair

How to create an image of a lazy beauty? That is, when curling up your hair, you don't need to care about whether there are curls or not. Naturally, this is the king's way.

Long black curls

The long black hair is curly and soft, and the exposed hair style sandwiched on both sides is full of youth. In addition, the expression of reserved shyness, is a real girl next door look, and, absolutely and affectation such as those words do not match.

Fluffy hair tops

Undoubtedly, Xiao Qiang can be regarded as one of the actresses who successfully performed Hepburn. The fluffy hair top and curly bangs are like a replica of a classic image.

Simple horsetail shape

Simple horsetail shape can also be so young and compelling, this is the magic of Miaoling!

What are Xiao Qiang's hairstyles? How do stars create hairstyles? women's beauty salon launched a star hairstyle theme to teach you how to create hairstyles!