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How to match top hat with fashion

How to match top hat? Matching skills of fashion top hat! Elegant retro accessories with fashion clothes attract people's attention! Especially the matching of top hat is more attractive. Let's see how to match fashion top hat!

American 18-year-old fashion girl Bebe zeva is from Las Vegas. Her suit jacket, high waisted sun skirt and wide brimmed hat add to the retro feminine style.

How to match Fan Bingbing's red top hat with retro red top hat

At a fashion dinner party, Fan Bingbing wore a short wig and a red top hat. The retro orange lips were beautiful and amazing. In order to keep warm and avoid the wind blowing the hair disorderly, the hat also entered the choice of daily collocation, and the hat is also the best piece of concave retro style.

That night, Fan Bingbing wore a Tanya dark blue tight retro dress, with a crimson hat and delicate short hair, which was particularly noble.

What are the collocation methods of black top hat? How to collocation the wide brim black top hat

In European royal society, wearing top hat is not only a symbol of status and education, but also the key to reflect the elegant taste. The elegant net hat combined with the integration of lace is naturally the best choice for it girls to match suits and dresses.

A simple black top hat with a grey sweater can create a British style. Not only that, you can also choose the retro grey top hat.

How to match top hat with clothes

Wide brim fedora hat, simple shape, more outstanding and capable temperament, flaunting retro pieces, with cool retro grey suit suit, absolutely reflects your British style.

It's very important to choose the hairstyle when wearing a hat. The hairstyle with bangs is the most flattering. If you wear the hat slightly upward to expose some bangs, it can not only modify the face shape, but also increase the visual sense of coordination. Grey hat with shirt and plaid pants, retro style to the end!

How to match the top hat? How to match the fashion top hat! There are more beautiful accessories for women's clothing in This article introduces how to match the top hat and how to match the retro top hat!