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How to match women's wool long overcoat

South Korean female star coat matching map, how to match women's Woolen long coat? Fashion Korean star clothing matching can lead the trend, warm and slim long woolen coat in winter is the current hot item, South Korean female star how to match Korean woolen coat, learn from Xiaobian!

Yin Shengya

Handsome army green coat is still a lot of MM's love, fair complexion of the girls will wear more beautiful Oh.


The flower bud wrapped overcoat shows women's curvilinear beauty. The low collar design is more sexy and charming. White is still very attractive. Girls with more meat on the waist should pay attention to it.

How to match Korean woolen overcoat with Korean overcoat

Li Tailan

Light mature girl style long coat, looks comfortable and decent, the lower body with short skirt more boss feeling, very suitable for OL family Oh.

He Zhiyuan

The handsome suit style coat has a neutral and charming style. The personalized Liuding bag can be matched by both men and women. The lower body or tight stockings will keep you warm.

Wang Zhihui

The elegant and extreme Ruffle design is very pleasing, dark gray is simple and generous, with the texture of black leather pants and boots, the whole person is shining and attractive.

How to match Korean Cape woolen coat with Star Black Slim woolen coat

Li Zhen

Cape type loose coat is very thin, all kinds of body can be brave to try, the bottom also need not bother brain, simple pants OK.

Su Yixian

The black skirt overcoat is extremely elegant, and the classic style will never be out of fashion. The belt shows the curve, which is very fashionable.

How to match the patchwork Korean fashionable woolen coat with long coat

Song Qian, a Chinese member of F (x) group

It's a textured color matching windbreaker. The black part can also hide meat well. This windbreaker is absolutely No1.

Park Hanxing

Stitched Black Slim coat with skinny jeans, black boots and black bags, each piece is feminine, charming, fashionable and extremely simple. The beautiful coat makes the whole dress look very textured.

South Korean female star coat matching map, women's wool long coat how to match? Sihai women's clothing there are more star matching, teach you how to dress stars, learn clothing matching!