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How does insomnia Yoga treat insomnia? What are the yoga movements

Insomnia Yoga how to treat insomnia? Insomnia Yoga action what? Insomnia dreamy sleep is not good how to do, want a good sleep every day to do yoga to help you. Xiaobian recommends sharing insomnia Yoga action tutorial. Doing this set of actions can make you sleep well every night, and insomnia will be far away from you.

Recently, I found in yoga studio that there are some yoga exercises that can help us improve sleep, balance and relax our body and mind, and let us have a good 'beauty sleep'.

We often think that yoga is asana, or the practice of movement. In fact, asana is only a small part of the process of yoga practice, which is combined with breathing control, meditation and so on. For insomnia, mainly the sun salute and some deployment of breathing, relaxation exercises. Professional yoga teachers suggest that the environment of practice is particularly important. It is best to practice in a place with clear air and close to nature. Beginners must practice under the guidance of professional teachers, otherwise the wrong method will certainly bring harm.


Kneel down, cross your hands and fingers, put them on the ground in front of you, with your upper body forward, your head on the ground, and the back of your head close to your palm. Raise your hips and straighten your legs so that your upper body is perpendicular to the ground. Inhale, bend your legs, slowly lift off the ground, the weight of the body falls on the forearm; continue to extend your feet upward, keep your legs bent, head, back, waist slowly to a line, continue to extend your legs upward, complete the whole head handstand. After the legs return to the ground, you need to keep your head down and relax for a while, and then slowly raise your head after the blood return, and then carry out the next step of practice after complete relaxation.

Teacher comments: although it is a relaxation movement, it is difficult. Patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and serious spinal problems are not suitable for practice. General students should take protective measures to practice under the guidance of professional teachers.

Sun salute

Action 1: stand with feet together, extend all toes, lay flat on the ground, the weight of the body evenly distributed on the toes and heels of both feet; straighten the knees, lift the patella, tighten the hips and thighs; tighten the abdomen and chest, straighten the neck, and close the hands in front of the chest.

Action 2: with the process of inhalation, lift both arms up and extend backward, at the same time, extend the hip to chest forward and upward.

Action 3: stretch with exhalation, fold your back from your hips and stretch downward, press your abdomen to your chest to your legs, and touch your hands to the ground or encircle your ankles.

Action 4: there are two kinds of postures. You can choose one of them. One is to inhale, pull back your right leg, stretch your back and look forward.

The second is to inhale, withdraw the right leg backward, lift the arms up with the process of inhale, at the same time, sink the hip, extend the chest forward and upward, and look forward.

How to do yoga to improve sleep

Action 5: exhale the left leg backward, close to the right leg, ten fingers spread to the ground, two arms support the body, elbows and eyes opposite, keep the body in a straight line, do not collapse or bow.

Action 6: inhale, land on knees, exhale, bend elbows, land on chest and chin, raise hips.

Action 7: inhale, slide the body upward, straighten the arms as far as possible, expand the chest, extend the neck, look forward or above, and tighten the legs and buttocks.

Action 8: exhale, push back, straighten arms and legs, push hips up, press heels to the ground, put head between arms, spread fingers, and the whole body is in an inverted 'V' shape.

Action 9: inhale, put your right leg forward between your hands, lift your arms up as you inhale, at the same time, sink your hips, stretch your chest forward, and stretch your eyes forward; (same action 4)

Action 10: exhale, take back the left leg, keep the legs together and stand upright, keep the abdomen close to the thigh as far as possible, hold the legs or ankles with both hands, and extend the neck; (same as action 3)

Action 11: inhale and raise your head, lift your arms up and extend backward, meanwhile, extend your hips to your chest forward and upward; (same as action 2)

Action 12: exhale, put your hands together and return to your chest.

Teacher's comments: there are 12 complete sets of postures. Actually, they are 6 individual ones, which are easy to remember and practice.

Body lifting and relaxation

Supine, legs slightly open, arms on the side of the body, palm up, make sure the body is placed in the most comfortable position; close your eyes, don't fall asleep, relax from head to foot, let breathing more and more slowly.

Respiratory control

Successful breathing control method: maintain a meditative sitting posture; inhale through two nasal passages, half open and half closed epiglottis; then exhale through the left nasal passage for one round; repeat for 10 rounds.

Wind box breathing control method: maintain meditation sitting posture, sound and light breathing 20 times; then use the right nasal passage to inhale, left nasal passage to exhale, as a round; repeat practice for 5 rounds.

Clearing meridians breathing control method: inhale through the left nostril, and then exhale from the right nostril; then continue to inhale through the right nostril, and then exhale through the left nostril, for one round; repeat for 5 rounds.

Teacher's comment: these three breathing exercises can help relieve insomnia, and white-collar workers can practice by themselves in their spare time. However, patients with hypertension, lung disease, heart disease, hernia, epilepsy, stomach disease, those who have just undergone surgery, and women and pregnant women during menstruation are not suitable for practice.

How does insomnia Yoga treat insomnia? What are insomnia yoga movements? female body beauty teaches you insomnia yoga movements and has a healthy sleep!