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New thin leg and thin waist yoga, 9-style yoga, good effect of thin leg

New thin leg and thin waist Yoga action, 9-style Yoga action, thin leg effect is good! How to simple and fast thin leg? Xiaobian recommends a new advanced stage of leg yoga action, in thin leg can stretch your leg line at the same time, beautiful leg and thin waist effect is good!

Sit angle Yoga:

1) Open your legs and sit on the mat, push your heels out, hold your waist with both hands, raise your head and hold your chest, and keep your eyes on the front.

2) Keep your hands on the ground in front of you, your elbows on the ground, bend your waist, keep your back straight, don't bend your feet, keep your heels pushed out.

3) If you can, keep your chest on the floor, chin on the floor, and hold the toes of your feet with both hands. Feel the back and leg stretch.

4) If the above action can not be completed, you can choose to hold your hands in front of the body, straighten your legs, push your heels out, and keep your back straight.

5) Take a big step forward with your hands and forearms fully on the ground. Keep your posture relaxed and feel the extension of your back and legs.

6) Then slowly straighten your arms and drop them until your arms and chest are on the ground and your chin is on the ground. Keep your body relaxed and feel the stretch of the ligaments in your legs and the stretch of your back. The posture can be maintained for about 10 breaths.

7) Then use both hands to support the body, slowly back, until the body back to the right. Combine the legs and rub to relax the tight ligaments and muscles.

Plough Yoga:

8) Lie on the mat, lift your feet up and over your head, straighten your insteps, and stick them on the ground above your head. Hold the back of your hands in a fist shape.

Leg back stretch Yoga:

9) Turn your feet down and sit up with your feet. Sit on the mat with long legs. Hold the soles of your feet with your hands. Bend your chest and head to your thighs and relax your whole body.

New thin leg and waist yoga, 9-style yoga, thin leg effect is good! Sihai female body beauty, there are more thin leg yoga to you, come to learn it!