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Belly Dance abdominal action thin belly abdominal how to stretch and stretch effective thin waist

Belly Dance abdominal action thin belly, abdominal how to stretch effective thin waist? We all know that belly dance for thin waist thin belly is very effective. Teach you a group of belly dance movements, through the abdominal stretching movement, effectively stimulate abdominal muscles, both thin abdomen and waist.

Abdominal retraction

Step 1 feet shoulder width apart, hands up as shown.

Step 2 as you inhale, push your abdomen inward.

Step 3 as you exhale, pop your abdomen out quickly.

The left and right sides were done 8 times, a total of 2 groups.

I can imagine doing this action in front of my belly button!

Abdominal roll

Step 1 stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hands up, palms together.

Step 2 when breathing in, first the lower abdomen is forced to contract inward, then to the middle abdomen, and then to the upper abdomen.

Step 3 when exhaling, the abdomen is forced to pop out.

The left and right sides were done 8 times, a total of 2 groups.

Editor's note: at the beginning, you may not feel very smooth, but it doesn't matter. Slowly stretch your abdomen in the order of lower, middle and upper. After a period of practice, the more smooth your movements will be.

Abdominal swing

Step1 feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Hands folded flat in front of the chest.

Step2 keep the rest of the body fixed and push the hips back to maximize ejection.

Step 3 swing the pelvis forward and backward.

Repeat 8 times for 2 groups.

Editor's note: in doing the action to feel the abdominal shaking will have the effect. When the pelvis swings to the front, stop breathing for a few seconds to enhance the shaking effect.