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15 minutes to lose weight belly dance

15 minutes to lose weight belly dance, belly dance basic action jump out of the sexy waist! Originated from Egypt's mysterious dance belly dance has a hot charm, twist up with the music, 15 minutes to lose weight belly dance every day, decompose the basic action, easy to thin waist.

Waves -- the body is like waves

This action is centered on the waist and abdomen. The head is pushed forward first, and then the neck, chest and waist. The body seems to be drilling through a hoop. From the side, the body is like a wave, showing an's' shape. But what you need to remember is that this is repeated.

Swing -- the swing of the crotch is like eight characters

You must know how to lift your crotch up. After you open your crotch like this, try to draw a '8' on your back with your crotch. Pay attention to the uniform force when exercising, and try to maximize the range.

Shake - shake the beads in the abdomen

Stand with your feet shoulder wide, and let the crotch swing slightly in front, back, up and down. You should see that the beautiful beads on your abdomen are flying because of your shaking crotch, and the little fat on your stomach seems to shake slightly, so they will say bye-bye to you!

Shock -- do you hear Ding Dong's voice

The vibration of abdomen and crotch depends on the slight flexion and shaking of legs and knees. The feeling of such vibration is very wonderful. You just stamp your feet hard, shake your body, and focus on your abdomen as the center of your consciousness.

Throw -- throw the crotch out by a large margin

You can use the waist to lift your crotch again and again, and from the squatting state to tiptoe, the change of the body's up and down range makes your whole body dance with the waist and abdomen as the fulcrum. At this time, you can use your upper limbs to swing your whole body.

Straighten - open your chest as wide as you can

Fix the lower part of your body and move only the upper part above your waist. First, put your shoulders to your back and try to get your chest out. Then, shake your body from side to side, as if you are growing tall, and move your shoulders back rhythmically to drive your chest.

Turn - keep the center of gravity steady

Belly Dance rotation is a way to relax the whole body, you can freely rotate the body, but it should be noted that, gently, let the body relax, let the upper limbs to start.

15 minutes weight loss belly dance, belly dance basic action jump out of the sexy waist! Sihai net female body beauty, there are more belly dance basic action decomposition detailed explanation, come to learn!