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Korean slimming exercises for 10 minutes

Korean slimming exercises 10 minutes, practice slimming exercises easy to lose weight! Want to become a healthy beauty but do not know how to lose weight? Xiaobian teach you a good way to lose weight at home, simple Korean slimming exercises teach you how to lose weight, 10 minutes a day to practice, no venue restrictions, easy to lose weight!


1. After sitting with legs crossed, lift a dumbbell with one hand, lift the elbows on both sides to shoulder height, and lift the front arms vertically as shown in the picture. 2. Keep the position and angle of the elbow unchanged, move the two arms towards the front of the face slowly until the arms are close to each other, and then open them back to the original position. Repeat this action for more than 30 times.


1. After lying on your side, cross your legs, hold one arm around the opposite shoulder, extend the other arm, and touch the palm of your hand to support your body. Bend the arm that supports your body to 90 degrees, then open it and stretch it. Repeat this 10 times.

Korean weight loss exercises 10 minutes a day to get rid of the fat

Lose the fat fat on the inside of the thigh


1. After sitting down, stretch your legs to both sides and make the soles of your feet fit together. Then hold your feet with your hands.

2. Lower your head to the maximum extent, move your upper body closer to your feet, and then return to your original position. Repeat this action for more than 10 times.


After sitting down, put your hands behind your back and hold your palms on the ground. Stretch your legs and press them together. Then pull your knees to your chest as far as you can.

2. Stretch your lower body to the front and keep your feet away from the ground. Stretch your legs and pull them back to their original position. Do this repeatedly for more than 5 times.

Bodybuilding exercises make you easy to slim down

Build a tight hip


1. Hold a dumbbell in both hands and stand with your legs apart in front and back.

2. Bend the front leg so that the knee is perpendicular to the ground as far as possible and becomes the center of gravity of the body. Straighten the back leg so that the knee is close to the ground and then return to the original position. When doing the action, make the upper part of the body straight up, so that the left and right legs repeat 20 times.


1. Lie down with your right elbow bent and leaning on the back of the floor, with your feet folded evenly.

2. Support the arm on the ground to make the upper body as shown in Figure 2, and then return to the position shown in Figure 1. At this time, use the strength of the buttocks to help the upper body to be supported to the maximum extent. Repeat this for 10 times.

10 minutes of Korean abdominal slimming exercises, do not build a small belly waist

Get rid of the fat in your stomach


1. Lie down, bend your legs, hold the dumbbell in both hands, and lift your arms up to extend.

2. Use only the strength of the abdominal muscles to slowly lift the upper body (similar to sit ups) and then go back to the original position. Repeat it 20 times at a time, and do it three times.


1. After lying straight, gently lift your shoulders off the ground, gently place your fingers on your forehead and inhale to contract your abdomen.

2. Slowly lift the right leg about 12 cm above the ground and maintain the position for 1 second, then put it back on the ground. Repeat the two legs for more than 10 times.

Korean slimming exercise for 10 minutes, practice slimming exercise easy to lose weight! Sihai net female body, there are more aerobics related articles, teach you body slimming!