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Does child foreskin need to cut off as soon as possible too long?

The vast majority of little boys have a long prepuce. Because too long prepuce may lead to repeated urinary tract infections, some parents think that when children are young, they should be circumcised to avoid future problems. But there are many prepuced adults in their lives, and their lives don't seem to be affected. So, is circumcision 'just the right time to be young'?

Circumcision, no age, no symptoms

Circumcision is not based on age, but on complications. According to Liang Weibo, director of Urology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, if it is found that the foreskin and glans are inflamed due to redundant prepuce, both children and adults should go to the hospital for circumcision; if the elderly have dysuria due to redundant prepuce and phimosis covering the urethral orifice, they all need circumcision; Even if there is no discomfort, but the opening of prepuce is narrow, penile prepuce has obvious narrow ring or prepuce incarceration, should consult a specialist immediately.

In a word, circumcision should be done according to whether it is necessary or not. Not all children with long prepuce have to do this operation. Some children have long prepuce when they were children. With the growth of age and the arrival of puberty, the penis develops rapidly, and the growth of the penis body and glans exceeds that of the penis foreskin. The regular erection of the penis also plays a role in the expansion of the relatively narrow distal prepuce, so that the penis naturally develops into a mature penis. Moreover, the prepuce also has the function of protecting the penis and glans. Liang Weibo reminded that if a child's physical examination at school suggests that the child be circumcised, parents should first go to the specialist clinic of a regular hospital to find a doctor for identification before deciding whether to perform the operation. They should never blindly decide to remove the child's foreskin. Don't have to circumcise the child, pay attention to clean the penis and foreskin thoroughly every day.

After cutting, do not wet water for three days

Although circumcision is a minor surgical operation, it is related to a man's and his sexual partner's life-long 'sexual happiness'. In order to make the penis recover after circumcision, it is necessary to do a good job of postoperative nursing.

Liang Weibo said that after circumcision, we should keep the penis surgical site clean and clean. When we urinate, we should prepare a clean paper towel with strong water absorption. When we accidentally spill urine on the wound dressing, we should wash the urine with a paper towel in time to prevent bacterial infection and inflammation. Pay attention to avoid sexual stimulation and try to avoid penile erection (penile erection is easy to cause pain, wound bleeding and even wound dehiscence). But night erection is inevitable. Because erection occurs in sleep, it will shrink after waking up, and the pain caused by erection will make the patients wake up after surgery, and the erection will disappear; if it is caused by urinary distension, the erection will disappear after urination, and experts don't think it's necessary to worry too much. If the wound bleeding, should immediately to the hospital for professional treatment, in order to prevent the occurrence of other complications.

In addition, it is also very important to keep the penis ventilated and dry. We should wear loose pants after operation to keep the perineum dry and reduce the chance of infection. At the same time, we should avoid outdoor activities to avoid touching the wound. Two or three days after the operation, the wound should not be wet. After the fourth day of operation, the dressing on the wound can be removed. Once the wound is wet, dry it with a clean towel. After removing the excipients, there will be slight edema in the prepuce of the penis. But if the prepuce edema is more serious, can consult to the hospital, if necessary, pressure bandage again.

Zhiduo D:

The difference between phimosis and redundant prepuce

Phimosis: phimosis refers to the foreskin distal narrow, there is an obvious narrow ring, so that the foreskin can not retreat to the penile body and expose the glans penis. The foreskin of phimosis can't be opened, and the foreskin dirt inside can stimulate the foreskin and glans. Once infection occurs, it is easy to induce foreskin inflammation and glans inflammation. Circumcision is recommended in adolescence.

Prepuce is too long: when the penis is weak, the distal part of the prepuce is more than the front end of the glans penis, which can be regarded as too long prepuce. Redundant prepuce should be circumcised according to the symptoms. Redundant prepuce is not an absolute indication for surgery.

After reading the above content, do you need to cut off the redundant prepuce as soon as possible? This problem should be understood. More topics about children's health will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!