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How to make Shanghai fried buns?

How to make Shanghai fried buns? Fried buns are characteristic snacks in Shanghai. They are delicious and delicious. How can families make their own fried buns? Let's introduce the practice of Shanghai fried buns. Methods of Shanghai fried buns.

1. Main raw materials: dough, meat stuffing, jelly, vegetable oil of crab roe and scallops, special material bag, other auxiliary seasonings, etc.

2. The main raw materials are as follows:

(1) The formula of stuffing: minced pork, special material bag, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, cold water, ginger, sesame oil, pepper, a little soy sauce, cooked lard, jelly.

(2) The method of jelly: peel the meat, remove the oil and hair, add cold water, onion and ginger after blanching, bring to a boil over high heat, and cook over low heat until the skin is crisp. Take out the skin of meat, green onion and ginger, discard the green onion and ginger, soak the skin in cold water, grind it in mincing machine, and then put it back into the original soup to cook again. Skim the foam while cooking. When the soup is thick paste, you can leave the fire, sprinkle with pepper, let it freeze naturally, and finally out of the jelly. When it is used, it can be ground into pieces by meat grinder.

3. Mix flour, yeast, sugar, salt and water to form a fermented dough.

4. Mix minced ginger, shrimps, leeks, pork stuffing and all the seasonings to make a stuffing, and wrap it in the dough.

5. Put oil in the pot, put in the steamed stuffed bun, put a little water to fry until golden yellow, then turn it over and fry until both sides are golden yellow, then put it on the plate.

Master's advice: when frying steamed buns, you should use a low fire. The big fire is easy to cause the phenomenon that the outer part of the steamed buns is charred and the middle part is not fully cooked. After adding flour, you should cover the pot to make the steamed buns more thoroughly cooked. You can fry one side or two sides of the raw steamed buns, depending on your preference.