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How to improve children's allergic constitution with traditional Chinese medicine?

How to use traditional Chinese medicine to improve children's allergic constitution? Due to genetic reasons, many children are born with allergic constitution, which means that children's eczema, asthma, allergic dermatitis and so on will be entangled with him. In fact, children's allergic constitution can be improved the day after tomorrow. Experts say that traditional Chinese medicine has the best effect in improving children's allergic constitution.

Does this happen to your child often--

Itchy eyes, often can't help rubbing eyes with hands, often dark circles;

Always sneezing, runny nose, nose is always itchy;

The throat is sore and itchy. When you get up in the morning or go to bed at night, you will have severe cough, expectoration, and sometimes wheezing;

Skin swelling, pimples, even blisters, itching intolerable, sometimes symmetrical distribution of red papules erythema;

Diarrhea from time to time & hellip; & hellip;

Maybe you have taken your child to the hospital frequently. You have tried antibiotics, hormones, oral medicine and intravenous drip. But just after you transferred, you went to the nursery and kindergarten for a few days, and new symptoms appeared again. What kind of disease is so lingering and difficult to cure?

In fact, your child is probably allergic. The above manifestations are allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic cough, asthma, urticaria, eczema, purpura and other allergic diseases caused by repeated exposure to certain allergens. These diseases can be isolated as diseases, or they may transform into each other, or even co attack. Symptomatic treatment was given after treatment, and the disease was temporarily relieved, but the child's body was in a sensitized state. Once encountering the inducement, the disease would attack again.

Allergic constitution has family heredity. But many children do not have a family genetic history and also suffer from allergic diseases. This makes many parents confused.

The survey shows that in recent years, with the acceleration of industrialization, air pollution is increasing, and the chemical products used in our life are also increasing. In addition, parasitic infections in children have decreased due to the improvement of medical conditions. As a result, the IgE antibody in the human body becomes extremely sensitive and has a strong defensive effect on the substances (such as food particles, pollen particles, etc.) that have no allergic reaction. As a result, people with hypoallergenic constitution become hypersensitive constitution, and people who are not allergic constitution also become allergic constitution.

It has been reported that the incidence rate of allergic diseases has increased to around 30% worldwide, and has increased year by year, especially in city. Allergic diseases have been identified as one of the epidemics in the 21st century by the World Health Organization.

If your child is allergic, you don't have to worry too much. Through TCM syndrome differentiation, children's allergic constitution can still be improved.

Allergic diseases are mainly caused by 'external allergens and internal allergic constitution'. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the key to its treatment is: first, to avoid contact with allergens, and then adhere to a period of oral Chinese medicine to 'Dialectical conditioning', combined with 'Fujiu acupoint application' to improve allergic constitution. In addition, we should also pay attention to the regularity of daily life and proper emotional and psychological adjustment. After conditioning, children can completely achieve the effect of desensitization -- from not adapting to the natural environment to adapting, even under the stimulation of strong allergens, they can avoid allergy.

1、 Avoid contact with allergens

Try to find out which substances your child is allergic to and let your child avoid or reduce contact with them. At the same time, avoid exposure to smoke, pigments, dust, strong perfume and other factors that may induce or aggravate allergic symptoms.

1. Go to the hospital for allergen test. Hospitals can detect some common allergens, such as: pollen, dust, mites, animal dander and other inhalation allergens; milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, beef and mutton, some vegetables, fruits, nuts and other food allergens; penicillin, vaccines, mosquito or bee bites and other injection allergens.

2. Parents should pay attention to observation at ordinary times

(1) If each attack is related to a certain fixed substance and environment, such as cold air and hot air, it may be an allergen.

(2) If the change of living place causes allergic symptoms, the geographical environment may be the cause of allergy.

(3) Sneezing and runny nose during sleep may be related to bedding and even bed materials.

2、 Two steps to relieve allergy and improve physique

1. Attack stage: anti allergy with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine to relieve symptoms.

In the disease attack period, the child's clinical symptoms are obvious, and the focus is on symptomatic treatment to relieve symptoms.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment mainly includes dispersing wind and relieving itching, removing dampness and diuresis, eliminating phlegm and resolving drink, relieving spasm and asthma, dredging orifices, promoting qi and activating blood circulation, etc. Xiaoqinglong decoction, Maxing Shigan decoction, Shegan Mahuang Decoction, Cangerzi powder and Xiaofeng powder are commonly used prescriptions.

Western medicine mainly uses cismin, mindI, kairuitan, xianteming, panzhilin, enris, shunerning, hormone prednisone and so on.

Special reminder:

Simple anti allergy, although 'immediate', temporarily solve the symptoms of allergy, but the basis of allergy has not changed, easy to aggravate after withdrawal. Antiallergic drugs such as sismin can also cause allergy, and any antiallergic drug has drug resistance. The effect is obvious at the beginning, and it will not be effective soon. Although hormone drugs have a significant effect, long-term repeated use will affect children's bone development. Therefore, antiallergic drugs should be used for a short time as far as possible. After the symptoms are controlled, the drug should be stopped gradually and the body should be adjusted quickly.

2. Remission stage: syndrome differentiation, constitution adjustment and desensitization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because allergens are ubiquitous in nature, most children are allergic to a variety of substances, and it is difficult to prevent them by avoiding allergens alone. Therefore, in the remission period, western medicine uses desensitization therapy for etiological treatment, but desensitization requires standardized allergen detection, and standardized clinical desensitization by subcutaneous injection or sublingual administration. The course of treatment is 3-5 years, the cost is high, and children are not easy to cooperate.

According to the clinical observation of traditional Chinese medicine, most children with allergic constitution are 'special temperament'. Under normal circumstances, children with this Constitution can maintain the relative balance of yin and Yang. Once they encounter sensitization factors, they will have imbalance of yin and Yang, increased responsiveness and disease. At this time, according to the difference of children's endowment, dialectical medication can improve children's sensitivity to allergens, so that when children are re exposed to relevant allergens, the attack symptoms are significantly reduced or do not get sick.

(1) Traditional Chinese medicine regulation and internal treatment method:

Most of the children who are sensitive to inhaled allergens are deficient in lung Wei Qi, and the treatment is mainly to tonify lung Wei. Dangshen, TAIZISHEN, Atractylodes macrocephala and poria cocos are commonly used;

Most of the children who are sensitive to food allergens have spleen deficiency and excessive dampness. The treatment is mainly to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. Tangerine peel, Pinellia ternata, Poria cocos, Amomum villosum, Agastache rugosa, and chicken kidney are commonly used;

Most of the children with Henoch Schonlein purpura have blood heat and blood stasis. Toosendan, Cyperus, radix paeoniae rubra and other drugs for promoting qi and blood circulation should be used in the treatment;

Children with a long course of disease often suffer from deficiency of kidney qi. They usually use Astragalus membranaceus, Rehmannia glutinosa, Chinese yam, Cornus officinalis, etc;

Some children still have Yingwei disharmony and latent heat of lung meridian, then they are treated with Yingwei and Qingxie Feire respectively.

(2) Fujiu acupoint application method:

In addition to internal treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, according to the principle of correspondence between heaven and man, chooses the right time for external treatment at the node of seasonal transition, namely, the summer dog days and the winter dog days. In this way, specific drugs with strong permeability will be applied to specific acupoints on the child's body surface, supplemented by iontophoresis, so that the drugs can penetrate along the 'acupoints rarr; meridians rarr; viscera' pathway and enlarge the efficacy. Through the orderly treatment in winter and summer, we can adjust the children's own Yin and Yang, adjust the lung, spleen, kidney and other visceral functions, adjust the 'nerve endocrine immune system' axis, help healthy qi, resist pathogenic diseases, and inhibit the body's allergic state.

3、 Daily life needs adjustment:

Traditional Chinese medicine stresses "three points of treatment and seven points of maintenance". Children with allergic constitution should pay attention to daily health care.

1. Have a regular life and get enough sleep.

2. In the remission period, adhere to the appropriate physical exercise.

(1) Do not do strenuous exercise, such as running, kicking, etc.

(2) Usually, you can take a cold bath at home and wipe yourself with a dry towel.

(3) When the weather is sunny and warm, you can take a brisk walk outdoors and swim in a clean swimming pool after fully warming up. When it's windy, exercise indoors in a room in the sun.

3. Light diet, reasonable nutrition, adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. For example, Pakchoi, tomato, orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C; cabbage and cauliflower are rich in vitamin E; carrots are rich in vitamin A.

Do not eat or eat less greasy food, sweet food or sweet drink, pepper or pepper and other spicy food; try to avoid eating sea fish, sea shrimp, river crab and other food containing a lot of allogeneic protein; fast raw and cold food.

If conditions permit, under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the child's physique, with medicated diet therapy, the effect is better.

Special reminder:

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that children are the body of "young Yin and young Yang". The immune system is not yet fully developed and has good adjustability. The earlier and more thorough the conditioning and improvement of allergic constitution, the easier it will be to reduce the allergic reaction of allergens to the body, so that the interval between disease attacks will be longer and longer, and the symptoms will be more and more mild, so as to reduce the use of antibiotics or hormones and improve the quality of life of children.

Parents should communicate more with their children to make them feel cheerful, avoid emotional excitement, cooperate actively and persist in treatment.

Parents themselves should also overcome the anxiety. They should not stop the treatment when the symptoms are relieved, which leads to the half way treatment. Otherwise, as the child grows older, the development of the immune system will gradually improve, the plasticity will be worse and worse, and the chance of cure will be smaller and smaller.

After reading the above content, you should know more about how to use traditional Chinese medicine to improve children's allergic constitution. More topics about children's health will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!